For (Young) Mathematicians

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Advice on Applying for Research Jobs (By Daniel Rogalski):               Link

Advice to Young Mathematicians (MathOverflow):                             Link

Advice to a Young Mathematician (Section of The Princeton Companion to Mathematics):              Link

Attending an Academic Conference (By Michael Ernst):                    Link

Career Advice (By Terence Tao):                       Link

‘Shut Up and Calculate!’ (By Avijit Lahiri ):                                   Link

Ten Lessons I wish I had been Taught (By Gian-Carlo Rota):                     Link

The Interest in Big Questions about Mathematics in Different Communities (By Owl):                          Link

Tips for the Job Search: Applying for Academic and Postdoctoral Positions (AMS):                               Link

Who writes about big questions? (By Owl):                    Link

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement (AMS):                          Link